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In 2003 I was at dog camp with Jenny. There was the first time where I had the opportunity to see border collies in action. My dad fell in love with this breed. It have not taken long time and we decided to have a puppy of border collie called Jamaica Foxy Fox in 2005. Jamaica has a great character and a beautiful exterior, so we let her be a breeding female. Then in 2007 we register our breeding station Jeffija. We had our first puppies in January 2008. We kept one male called Aristoteles Jeffija from this litter. After that I started to communicate via emails with very successful breeder Elke Thein who has a kennel called From Borders Paradise. I got to know that she was planning puppies with her bitch Indi that is ee-red color. After many emails, I arranged with her a deal – if bitch is born I will get her. Less than a year of waiting was crazy but patience had paid off. Two bitches were born and I had a right to pick first. In less than six weeks, I decided to get a beautiful ee-red bitch called Unique Hot Chilli from Borders Paradise. From that moment I have loved this color so much. My ee-red bitch Unique was so amazing that I decided to buy another dog. The kennel Maranns Home was planning puppies and again they gave me the possibility to choose first. I chose a dog Jeffija of Maranns Home. He is my beautiful and confident Northon. In year 2012 dream comes true. Puppy girl Merrinda My Summer Charm from breeder Lyn Allshorn came to my kennel from Australia. I have to say BIG THANK YOU for this nice girl. Only time will tell us whether our dog kennel will expand.


Our kennel is engaged in breeding border collies. Nowadays we have breeding three females and one male. There are available indoor cotes and outdoor cotes all year long. All dogs can spend whole days with us at the garden and at house.
We are devoted to many activities: e.g. dog frisbee, dog dancing, grazing, service cynology, basic training, canistherapy and flyball. We are involved in dogs’ shows in the Czech republic and abroad.
Other activities of Jeffija kennel included from 2003 till 2008 education of guide dogs from Czech Guide Dog School in Prague - Jinonice. We had two bitches of Labrador Retriever, one bitch of Golden Retriever and a German shepherd dog.

Name JEFFIJA was derive from names of our dogs - JEnny, FIght, Jamaica


Puppies from our kennel are brought up in the house and in the garden. There are available indoor cotes and outdoor cotes all year long. Puppies are kept in touch with human. Communication with kids and other dogs is really important for their growth. We put the accent on socialization.
Each new owner gets agreement to sell, sample of food, certificate of vaccination and a small gift. We like to stay in touch with new owners. Each new owner has opportunity to contact us if he needs help and advice. We are ready to assist in training, care of the puppy, nutrition, health problem, etc. We are glad if new owners keep in touch with us for long time and present Jeffija kennel in good way. Satisfaction of new owners is the most important thing.

Stud dogs are chosen very properly during club shows in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. Not only beauty and sporting qualities are important but also origin of the dog is necessary. We consult our breeding plans, exhibitions and sporting successes with many breeders in the world. Puppies from our kennel are suitable as family members or to any sporting use.
We can never know in advance whether a stud dog is appropriate, but we try to eliminate problems. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all puppies from this litter will be healthy and free of defects.





8x Junior champion SK
7x Junior champion PL
6x Junior champion CZ
1x Junior champion Srbska
1x Junior champion Croatia
7x Club junior chapion KCHMPP
4x Club junior chapion BCCSK
1x AKC Champion
2x Champion BG
13x Champion SK
5x Champion PL
5x Champion CZ
Champion Kosova
Champion A
Champion of Serbia
6x Club champion BCCCZ
2x Club champion KCHMPP
5x Club champion BCCSK
3x Grand champion SK
1x Grand Champion BG
Grand champion CZ
Grand champion Serbia
Club veteran champion KCHMPP
Club veteran champion BCCSK
Veteran champion CZ
2x Veteran Champion SVK
2x Club veteran champion BCCSK
2x C.I.B. show champion
2x Crufts qualification 2011
Crufts qualification 2014
2x Crufts qualification 2016
Crufts qualification 2017
World dog show  2009 - Exc. 2, res. CAC
World dog show 2009 - Exc. 3
Champion of champions 2009 – BOB

Export: 4x Slovakia, 2x Germany, 5x Poland, Finland, USA, 2x Hungary, 4x Austria, Belgium, 2x Spain
Import: Germany, Belgium, Australia, Hungary



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